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Does EFT Tapping Work For Stress?

Does EFT Tapping Work For Stress?

EFT has been found to be particularly helpful in dealing with emotional problems such as stress, depression, and anxiety and in reducing the severity of symptoms such as sleeping problems, fatigue, and panic attacks.

Recent research, including a meta-analysis of fourteen different studies published in the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, has found that EFT has a beneficial effect on anxiety. Researchers think that the practice of EFT may reduce the levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. Furthermore, a 2014 review found that clinical EFT has been shown to have a role in regulating stress hormones and limbic brain function and can increase immunity and reduce inflammation.

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EFT has also been used successfully to help people living with PTSD. A study of veterans with PTSD found that practicing EFT led to significant improvements in clinical symptoms. The thought is that the positive affirmation of EFT works similarly to cognitive behavior (or talking) therapy, CBT.

EFT can also have positive physical effects, reducing the frequency and severity of headaches and even improving sporting performance.

You can use EFT to address all sorts of issues and stressful situations in your life. Whether you’re dealing with the consequences of trauma or relationship breakdown, or if you’re about to go into a stressful meeting or job interview, using EFT can help you take control of your emotions and rewrite the script. Even if you’re having a bad day, a simple sequence of tapping and affirmation will boost your mood and help you on your way. And, you can perform EFT anywhere, anytime.

Best of all, EFT reminds you that you can take control of your feelings and mindset to live the life you want.

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