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She is the author of Vitamin Weed, Kratom is Medicine, CBD Oil For Health, Train Your Brain To Get Thin, and Journal Yourself To Health.

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You’re feeling forgetful. You missed your friend’s birthday party last week, and now you can’t

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Premature skin aging can be avoided by preventing excess exposure to sunlight and pollutants, as

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When warm weather arrives, it’s only natural to want to get out and enjoy the

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1. Shorten Your To-Do List One way to relax your mind, body and spirit all

3 Myths About Plant-Based Nutrition

We are hearing the word plant-based nutrition more and more in our society. Already, we

The Best Superfoods To Add to Your Detox Diet

Foods called “superfoods” have an exceptional amount of nutrients and are healthy for the body.

The 5 Secrets Of Plant-Based Eating

Here are 5 secrets about plant-based eating…. Plant-Based Eating Is Not Necessarily a Vegan Diet

Does EFT Tapping Work For Stress?

EFT has been found to be particularly helpful in dealing with emotional problems such as

9 Supplements To Fight Cellulite

Cellulite is a skin condition that gives the appearance of small bumps and ripples under

Turn Weight Training Into Permanent Weight Loss

Weight gain is a lot easier as you grow older particularly as the motivation to