Ground Mushroom Coffee With Lion’s Mane


Brews smooth, dark, and remarkably crash-free (16 servings).

Coffee plus Lion’s Mane and Chaga equals a deliciously balanced brew for brain and body. All of the things you love about coffee, none of the things you don’t.


Perfectly balanced, so you can be too

  • Made with organic, Fair Trade, single-origin Arabica coffee beans, ground and ready to brew in whatever method makes you happy.
  • Brews smooth, dark, and nutty. You’ll completely forget the word “mushroom” is on the bag while you’re drinking it. You’ll remember when you notice you haven’t crashed around mid-day.
  • Contains all the focus of regular coffee, while keeping the caffeine under control. And—we know it’s weird, but we thought you should know—it won’t mess your stomach up, either.

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